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modo Security and Privacy

Be assured - your privacy and the security of your stuff absolutely matters to us.
We realise that seeing your content brought all together via modo can be quite overwhelming and can quickly make you appreciate just how much precious stuff you have.

And pretty soon, we expect the following goes through your mind...

What does modo do to keep my stuff safe?

We take your TRUST in our services as paramount in everything we do and have gone through great lengths to ensure that your information is protected with "military grade" encryption for transmitting data. That means 128-bit or higher AES encryption and an SSL/TLS secure tunnel.

For added security, we don’t store your files on our servers, but with your permission only, access them directly and securely from their original locations using the same high security controls and protocols you already have in place for them.

How does modo protect my privacy?

Guarding your privacy is something we take very seriously. We maintain policies to prevent unauthorised access, with controls to safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of your information.
Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement for further details.

How does modo keep all of my usernames and passwords secure?

We use industry-standard "OAuth" authorisation protocols when connecting to most cloud services. That way modo doesn’t require any access to your passwords for these services. For some services which do not support OAuth protocols, we need you to Connect us using your username and password. This information is securely encrypted with 128-bit or higher AES encryption and an SSL/TLS tunnel. That’s techno-speak for the usual industry-strength, military-grade encryption used by for example your Bank or Credit Card companies. modo staff do not access your passwords.

So you can see, there is no Connection made to any of your content locations or services without your permission and a security protocol in place, which is at least as strong as your existing security. And you can revoke your password or authorisation at any time to block modo’s access to that content.

I lost my device, how will modo protect all my stuff?

You can Sign in to your modo Account from a browser at any time to review your account and change your modo password. From there you can also remotely revoke access for any of your lost devices, logging them out of modo and wiping all data stored on the modo app.

What can I do to protect my account?

Of course we do our bit regardless to keep your information secure, but we expect you to do your bit too.
Use a strong password not used by any other service. Monitor and review your account activity. And don't share your password or account details with anybody else.

Have questions or concerns about modo, our Services and privacy? Then please feel free to contact us.

Even with all the above already in place, we continue to actively maintain and improve our security.


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