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How to connect your Microsoft email (Outlook, Office365, Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live) with modo

In order for modo to sync with your Outlook email, you may need to "verify your account" with Microsoft Outlook.

Please follow the steps below to do this. Note that the following steps use a email account as the example, but the process is the same for Office365, Hotmail, MSN or Windows Live email accounts.

1. If you are one of those users who are required to enable additional security settings, you will have received an email from "Microsoft account team" notifying you and asking you to review and verify recent sign-in activity [i.e. from modo]. As always, remain vigilant to spam emails masquerading as Microsoft.

2. To assist with verifying your account, Microsoft needs to contact you to provide you with a Security Code. This can usually be done by a number of methods (SMS/Text, Phone Call, alternative Email etc.), depending on the type of information you have already provided to Microsoft in your user profile. Select your preferred method to receive your Security Code.

3. Now check your selected method of communication for a Security Code received from Microsoft. For example, if you used SMS, check your phone for a message like this.

4. Enter the Security Code into the field on next screen on the Microsoft website and press submit. This is Microsoft's way of verifying who you are.

5. Next you'll be presented with recent history of your log-in activity. Review activity matching the time when you first added your account to modo. Select "This was me" to confirm.

6. In order to let modo know that it now has access to Outlook email, you may need to "repair" the Outlook connection in your modo account. To do this, Sign in to your modo account, go to My connections and if the Repair button is present beside your Outlook email account Connection, select it. Then re-enter any details as requested and press OK. Your Outlook email should now begin syncing with modo in the background.

That's it, you're all done!

Remember that the process above is the same for Office365, Hotmail, MSN or Windows Live email accounts.


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