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modo works on the cloud and it is always on (even when your device isn't), securely syncing in the background with your other cloud services. For security reasons, some of these cloud services require you to take additional steps to permit modo to sync with them.

So, if some of your modo connections don't seem to be syncing, or if "Repair" buttons appear alongside them in your modo account, our detailed guides below will take you through the additional set up.

If a guide for your cloud service is not listed above, try the following:

  • Check your mailbox (or spam folder) in case that cloud service is trying to reach you. Follow the instructions they send you. As always, be wary of "spammers" sending you communications as if they are from your cloud service.
  • Log-in to your cloud or mail service and see if there are any instructions or messages waiting for you.
  • If your email connector is one provided by your workplace or college, you may have to ask whoever manages your mail services to "enable IMAP". Some email services are not set up to do this until you specifically request it.

Contact us if you still cannot successfully enable your cloud connections, we would love to help. We are always looking to make things easier, so feel free to share any comments you have on getting your services to work with modo.


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